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Location independent

Fast mobile Internet, and many places with WiFi offers many opportunities, so we are no longer dependent on a fixed workplace. Virtually every place where we can connect to the Internet, it is then also suitable to work. Obviously, a good chair and table is very pleasant so that you are comfortable, but also on a terrace or on the beach, where an internet connection is present, you can work location independent.

Connection to other computerdivices is possible by app as for example Teamviewer, where you can log in on an other computer by fill in the password, and work on distance for a client. So you can help people installing software on there computer, while you’re on another location. This way you can work location independent.

Is your website already mobile-friendly? From April 21, Google has changed the policy, and rank sites that are not mobile friendly, lower than mobile-friendly sites. It is therefore advisable even to consider whether your website is ready for the future. Wherever you can use your mobile, you also can work location independent, even loggin in your website from your mobile device.

The mobile market is huge when you consider that more than half of the Internet users do so from a mobile device. Since the smartphone has been introduced, anyone can visit the Internet from any location. This is also the reason of the custom policy, so entrepreneurs are encouraged to customize their website, and make mobile-friendly.

On your laptop, or tablet it’s easy to develop a product, so you can work from wherever you want, and upload it, when you have acces to internet. You can work location independent, even when your on you favorite location in the world, where normaly you go for vacation, but ow can stay longer, because you can work there.

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